Our Promotional AppNana invite code: k464355

How To Get Started:
– Open Safari
– Go to http://nana.kloaka.tv or http://appnana.com/kloakatv
– Register for an account (KloakaTV starting points 10,400)
– Download the first AppNana Sync App (This is used to track completed offers).
– Open AppNana Sync App and login
– Now go back in AppNana or the Sync App and download more free apps for points.
– After you reach 15,000 points go to “Get Nanas” and fill in our invite code k464355.

Cool thing is with our invite code is when you refer 5 people you can enter this code k464355 again and you receive 2500 points again.

To make things more clear watch the video above and if you have any questions just leave a comment below or on YouTube.