There are many services where you can earn free Giftcards and Paypal cash but i can say with confidence that our sponsor Featurepoints is the best.

I have referred over 1500 people and these are all happy and using FeaturePoints every day.

FeaturePoints is great because the rewards you can choose from is huge; Paypal Cash, iTunes- Amazon- Google Play- and Steam Giftcards. You can even exchange your points for League of Legends Riot Points.

Give FeaturePoints a try for yourself and follow the instructions below. You will get as a thank you for joining a little gift of free points to start with when you use my link provided below.



1. Go to or using Safari on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPadMini or iPad. Or your browser on your Android Device.

2. Press “Sign Up!.

3. Follow the instructions on screen which are not hard and straight forward.

4. After that start downloading any of the apps under the “Earn” tab to earn points. Apps that you have previously downloaded with your iTunes account or Google Play will not count. Check back daily, for new apps and games. Go to the “Extra” tab to see if there are any other great offers available in your country.

5. Invite friends and family to FeaturePoints to gain extra points under the “Earn More” tab.

6. After you have enough points, visit the “Rewards” button to choose a prize.

It’s that simple.
If you joined FeaturePoints share a screenshot on twitter to @kloakatv if you like!


Check out one of my old video’s below. I will be making new videos soon if people like more information but i’m sure this page explains enough.