I decided to play Limbo again on the Xbox One and create 1080p 60fps guides for the game.

Achievements / Trophies:
Wrong Way
Altitude is Attitude
It’s Stuck
Urban Exploration
Alone in the Dark
Climbing the Cog
Guided by Sparks
Under Ground
Going Up
– No Point in Dying (Here you have to complete the entire game in one sitting and you can only die up to 5 times)
– When Credit is Due Achievement (You get this one when you complete the game)

Below you can find my previous videos recorded on iPad and iPhone.
Part 1 + Altitude is Attitude Achievement
Part 2

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 + It’s Stuck Achievement
Part 6 + Urban Exploration Achievement
Part 7 + Alone in the Dark Achievement
Part 8 РClimbing the Cog Achievement
Part 9 + Backtracking Achievement
Part 10 + Guided by Sparks
Part 11 + Underground Achievement
Part 12
Part 13 + Going Up Achievement
Part 14 Final + When Credit is Due Achievement

Ding! – This is a secrect achievement that was on the PS3 and PC also. You need to complete the game and then go back to the part where you get the Alone in the Dark Achievement and move further and complete the Secret Level.