So to celebrate that Featurepoints is also providing Pokecoins we decided to do a $10 giveaway.
FeaturePoints is our sponsor and there are so many services like that but FeaturePoints was the first and is still around today.

That means it’s a succes and it is working for all the people that are using this great service.

Giveaway Rules:
– Make sure you are subscribed to KloakaTV.
– Join featurepoints with the following link on your iOS or Android device.
– Leave a comment with your invite code that you can find in the earn more tab after you joined FeaturePoints.

That’s all. End of august i will announce the winner on twitter @kloakatv after i contacted the winner first on youtube.
If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message on twitter or contact me here.

Earn extra entries:
PokeCoins Giveaway