I enjoy creating videos for Youtube and help people complete levels in various games. Only with a full time job and a new born baby + another on the way time and money is limited.
To make better and faster videos and do even better Let’s Play video’s we really need a new PC and since Youtube income isn’t that amazing i’d like to ask for your support.

With your donations we will be able to get a better PC and maybe VR so i can start doing VR videos as well. But the goal is a new PC first.

Our gaming channel got around 300,000 to 500,000 views monthly so i’m helping all those people and like to continue and grow but in order to do so i need better equipment.

I never expect anyone to donate but who knows. Every amount is welcome! Maybe there are generous
people or sponsors out there that want to help me and my family reach our goal and dreams for a better Youtube channel.

KloakaTV – Gaming Channel

KloakaNL  – Vlogging Channel

Want to donate products to us or for review mail us here for shipping information.

Equipment already available thanks to donations and sponsors:
– Lightning Set
– Green and Blue  Backdrop
– Microphone
– Panasonic Lumix LX-15


You can also support us on GoFundMe.