As some of you know that follow me on instagram or twitter might heard i recently switched my phone from iOS to Android. Sorry if my English is terrible but i’d tought i just write a short story to share my experience with moving to Android as an (ex) Apple Fanboy.

I have been using iPhone since it was released here in The Netherlands this was the iPhone 3G. Since then i have owned every new version.
I never liked Android that much but i have seen it improve a lot the last 2 years and i was feeling iOS and iPhone didn’t do that much.
So after changing back and forth this year with the latest iPhone 6 Plus to 6s and back to 6 Plus i got crazy i wanted something new.

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Samsung released the Galaxy s7 and s7 edge and seeing the new game tools feature which is very nice for me with my gaming channel so i can record gameplay everywhere i am, i thought it is time to just give it a try maybe until the iPhone 7 release.

So i sold my iPhone 6 Plus “again” and bought from that money a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from someone who didn’t want it for a greay price of 600 euro. Which is a great deal because new it is 700+ euro in store.

Now i got the new Galaxy s7 let’s unbox this thing and start things up and GOD DAMN the screen on this device is amazing. The quality of the screen of the newest iphone doesn’t even come close.

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I first made a backup of all my contacts and calendar on iOS and imported that into calendar and contacts online into my google account.
After installing and connecting my google account all contacts and calendar events where there. Another bonus so less work. Now it was time to find all Apps in the playstore i need. After installing everything it was time to look around a bit and sign in everywhere. And damn this phone is fast switching between Apps.

So playing around in Android for like a day i’m already used to the eco system. Ok i’m a tech guy and work in the IT industry so i’m not a noob but i’m still surprised how well i’m adjusting to the new OS for my phone that i never ever used before.

Trying to not make this a huge story i’ll try to keep it short. Now i’m using the Galaxy S7 Edge for around 2 months now and i still use my ipad also because i record games on both platforms now. But i know for almost 99,9% sure i never go back to an iPhone which i never thought would be ever possible as a huge iPhone fan.

Below a small list of things to sum up everything in my experience.

Things i think are still better on iPhone:
– Better Appstore (The appstore is much better i think the Playstore is a little bit of a mess and you never know what is released new. Lucky for my i still have an iPad for that)
– That’s about it haha sad but true. I did like the calendar app a lot because we could easy share with the family. But i fixed that problem also so not missing it.
– Photos App. With shared folders i miss this because me and my girlfriend share all picture of our daughter there. Now i have to open it on my iPad download from OneDrive and upload from the ipad to the shared folders. Or send pictures taken with Whatsapp to my girlfriend.

List of things that are way better on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:
– Beautiful screen
– Faster OS (not sure if this is Android or the 4gb of memory) but still doing or starting up anything is much faster.
– Notifications – i never used the notification center on iOS. On Android now i use it all the time.
– I can pay with my phone now. Not possible with iOS or iPhone in my country. With my bank app on android and the NFC chip i can now pay with my phone. (HUGE PLUS)
– 100gb free OneDrive space for 2 years which is nice since i use Onedrive a lot 🙂
– BEAUTIFUL picture. This phone takes great pictures they don’t lie on there ad. Also the latest iphone doesn’t come close to the quality of this phone to be fair.
– Ok Google works like a charm. I always had trouble with Siri because i’m dutch and for some reason i pronounce “Siri” the wrong way and i keep yelling at my phone. I can now on every screen or my watch yell Ok Google and it always works.

I thought it would be very hard to switch to android after using iOS for years. But i got used to Android so quick and all the extra stuff that just works on samsung and android like Game Tools, Paying with my phone and just the overall speed made me so happy i took the leap of faith 🙂 I can tell to everyone with and iPhone and is thinking about trying Android for the first time. Just do it i think like me you won’t be sorry and will probably think it’s your best decision ever. But ofcourse this is my personal opinion.

If you have any questions about my experience just leave me a message on twitter @kloakatv