I like to announce i will be making Walkthrough, Playthrough and Achievement guides for Xbox One games.

I just placed a Day One Edition Pre-Order so stay tuned for Unboxing video.
This video is to get to know more about my subsribers and what they like to see.

Also some questions i like to know from you ?

  • Did you pre order the Xbox One or PS4 ?
  • Also where are you from ?
  • What games do you want to see Walkthrough, Playthrough or Guides for ?
  • Would you want to see an unboxing video for Xbox One
  • Any other suggestions ?

Let me know in the comment section below or below the video on YouTube.
Also i just woke up so i thought better not show my face in de video i will try next time.
I’m not really a presentator but not hidding either for the people that wonder how i look like

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